Rien Bexkens
Rien Bexkens
  • A.K.A. Rini Tortellini
  • Film Director
  • Screen- & Copywriter
  • (Executive) Producer
  • Office & Studio
  • Westersingel 97
  • 3015 LC, Rotterdam
  • The Netherlands
Rien Bexkens
Rien Bexkens
Photos by Marwan Magroun

Filmmaker (director/writer/producer) Rien Bexkens, also known as Rini Tortellini, directs fictional films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and crossovers. His supreme clientele are artists, brands and people that contribute to the improvement of our planet. His personal work strongly focuses on societal issues, cautionary tales from the streets and defending - or selling - the underdog. 

As a director, Rien Bexkens has a strong eye for aesthetics and cinematography with imagery often biased towards hip-hop and street culture. Amidst these hard-to-miss visuals, his subjects remain surprisingly human and real; their lives respectfully and accurately followed. Rini’s fictional productions are, on the other hand often influenced by cult, French New Wave, absurdism and humour noir.

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